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Dance & Fitness Venues

By getting the required licence(s), dance and fitness venues can ensure that they are on the right side of the law and know that they are getting great value for a product that is essential to build their business.

Fitness Venues

A recent survey was conducted to investigate the demand for, and impact of, music across a wide range of dance and fitness venues. Here are some of the research findings;

  • 82% of gym users say they like to hear workout music when they go and 60% say that a gym playing music they like would make them much more loyal to that gym
  • 80% of gym users claimed that workout music makes them more motivated

Gyms can use music to keep their existing members satisfied as well as attract new customers. Gyms that play music can have a distinct and profitable advantage over those that do not.

Further details of this study can be found at

Dance Venues

There is no such thing as a silent nightclub. Recorded music is the basis on which these businesses are founded.

Research has quantified the value of music to nightclub owners.

You may be required to obtain additional licenses if your business hosts live events.

Please use our licence fee calculator form to calculate an estimate of the annual licence fee for your business.