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Tariff 3 - Background Music
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Retail, Hospitality & Similar Establishments

Some restaurant and bars are not aware that they require a licence to play music legally, just as they do to serve alcohol. By getting the required licence(s), businesses can ensure that they are on the right side of law and know that they are getting great value for a product that is essential to build their business.

A recent survey was conducted to investigate the demand for and impact of music across a range of business sectors. Here are some of the research findings;


  • 95% of people say they prefer shopping in stores that play music
  • 84% of shoppers say they like shops that play in-store music and, of that percentage, 23% claim they would be prepared to pay 5% more for goods if music was being played
  • 72% of people say playing good music significantly improves the image of the store

Restaurants & Bars

  • 67% of people say it would make them more likely to revisit the restaurant
  • Over three-quarters of patrons said that background music would encourage them to go there more often, and 82% of patrons said they would buy another drink if music people enjoyed was being played

These results highlight the link between music, profits and atmosphere, which is great news for retailers, restaurants and bars seeking ways to improve their revenue and image.

Further details of this study can be found at

Please use our licence fee calculator form to calculate an estimate of the annual licence fee for your business.

If your business uses a background music supplier your supplier may be paying licence fees on your behalf, depending on the terms of your subscription agreement. 

You may be required to obtain additional licenses if your business offers dancing and/or hosts live events.



What is Re:Sound’s Background Music Tariff (T3)?

The Re:Sound Background Music Tariff, 2003‐2009, also referred to as Tariff No.3, sets out when and how businesses are required to obtain a licence from Re:Sound for the public performance of music used as background music in establishments.

What is the legal basis for the Tariff?

The Tariff’s legal basis comes from the Copyright Act and the Copyright Board.