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Tariff No. 3 Certified by the Copyright Board of Canada
October 20, 2006

The certification of Tariff 3 'Background Music Supply and Background Music Use' (2003-2009) will see performers and makers, for the first time in Canada, earn royalties for the use of their sound recordings as “background” in establishments such as a restaurant, bar, office, workplace, place of business, park, hotel, motel, hospital, club, school, showroom, motion picture theatre, sports facility, dance hall, theme park, exhibition or fair, as well as all means of public conveyance, including aircraft, ships, railway trains and buses.

A copy of the certified tariff can be found here and the decision here.


Board Decision 'Reasonable and Worthy of Respect'
October 19, 2005

NRCC today expressed its disappointment at the reaction of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) to the recent decision of the Copyright Board to increase the tariff rates for music use by commercial radio stations in the years 2003-2007. Download >>

Tariff No. 1.A - Commercial Radio Stations (2003-2007)
October 14, 2005

Today the Copyright Board of Canada released a decision on royalties to be collected by NRCC for the public performance or the communication to the public by telecommunication, in Canada, of published sound recordings embodying musical works and performer's performances of such works by commercial radio stations for the years 2003 to 2007. Download >>